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Ever since I started the craft I have always noticed the big fence in the industry. the fence of separation. the fence that divides the amateur photographers form the professional photographers or I should say the "pros". Our culture has erected this fence in the industry. But does this fence really exist? Does it really matter if you are a pro or an amateur?
I have been meeting people who are into photography as well. Here are some common lines you would hear from them. ...I'm into photography...but im only an my pictures are not good.
It is sad to think that our culture has created this fence which made some of our friends who are starting out think that they are lesser artist by calling them amateur photographers. Does it really mean that your photos are crappy if you are an amateur? or if you are a pro, does it mean that every time you click that shutter a compelling photo comes out. Hmmm.. lets see.
Here are some definitions of Amateur I got from the World Wide Web.

Amateur : am.a.teur
- devotee
- admirer
- one who engages in a pursuit, study or sport as a pastime rather that a profession
- someone performing some task without pay

None of these indicates that an Amateur will be horrible in his craft.

But I like how Photographer David DuChemin lay it down. He said: Amateur comes from the same word from which we get words like Amorous; it means to love. You merely do photography for the love of it? I can’t think of anything more noble to say of your motives for doing this. It should be the pros out there who long ago lost their love for the craft – and there are as many who never have – that should write with such apologetic tones.

So can we tear down the fence now? Lets just be Photographers. because we all know its not the pictures we are serving that separates us. I have seen awesome photos taken by people who are starting out. and I've also seen Photographers who call themselves pro create hideous photos. And we also know that its not about the camera. Owning a D3x doesn't make you a pro.
lets forget about the fence and just enjoy the craft. love it.

happy shooting


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  1. totally agree with your dx3 comment-the amount of people that still think having "a good camera" will make them a good photographer amazes me