Maternity Photos

Here are some photos from a recent maternity shoot I did. Hope you like them


Hey peeps! Check out the august issue of upstateLive magazine. Featuring the talented artist Dan Fisk. Cover and editorial photos by yours truly. :)

Battle At F-Stop Ridge

I was doing some research on the internet and I came across this video. This is funny. I bet the "gearheads" are gonna love this.

this video is from The Camera Store

Artist Photoshoot : August Rucker

One of the things I like about being a portrait photographer is having a chance to shoot Musicians and artists. I really enjoy capturing the different personalities and expressions of artists. It doesn't matter which music genre they come from. I love music. I am a musician in my heart of heart of hearts. I am not a good musician. But I love it.

I had a shoot with August Rucker. He is a R&B / Soul artist based here in DC. You can see a link to his site here

Here are some photos from that shoot. Hope you like them.

Lele on dA KeYs

Here are some Images from a recent photo shoot with artist Lele on dA Keys. She is one of DC's up and coming artist. Her music is something you should look forward to.

Head Shots

Just a few headshots for Ron Pavia, A realtor in the Metro DC area.

Images | Recent shoot

Hey Y'all! just sharing some photos from a recent shoot. not much to say. hope you like them.


Amateur Photographer

Ever since I started the craft I have always noticed the big fence in the industry. the fence of separation. the fence that divides the amateur photographers form the professional photographers or I should say the "pros". Our culture has erected this fence in the industry. But does this fence really exist? Does it really matter if you are a pro or an amateur?
I have been meeting people who are into photography as well. Here are some common lines you would hear from them. ...I'm into photography...but im only an my pictures are not good.
It is sad to think that our culture has created this fence which made some of our friends who are starting out think that they are lesser artist by calling them amateur photographers. Does it really mean that your photos are crappy if you are an amateur? or if you are a pro, does it mean that every time you click that shutter a compelling photo comes out. Hmmm.. lets see.
Here are some definitions of Amateur I got from the World Wide Web.

Amateur : am.a.teur
- devotee
- admirer
- one who engages in a pursuit, study or sport as a pastime rather that a profession
- someone performing some task without pay

None of these indicates that an Amateur will be horrible in his craft.

But I like how Photographer David DuChemin lay it down. He said: Amateur comes from the same word from which we get words like Amorous; it means to love. You merely do photography for the love of it? I can’t think of anything more noble to say of your motives for doing this. It should be the pros out there who long ago lost their love for the craft – and there are as many who never have – that should write with such apologetic tones.

So can we tear down the fence now? Lets just be Photographers. because we all know its not the pictures we are serving that separates us. I have seen awesome photos taken by people who are starting out. and I've also seen Photographers who call themselves pro create hideous photos. And we also know that its not about the camera. Owning a D3x doesn't make you a pro.
lets forget about the fence and just enjoy the craft. love it.

happy shooting


Dan Fisk : Photoshoot

I Just finished the photos from a shoot I did last week with Dan Fisk. Dan is a Metro DC based Singer and Song Writer. His music is more on the Indie side with some Dave Matthews and a hint of Mraz. You can read more of his music and where you can catch him at his site . It was just a quick shoot at the studio. Since the weather outside is still in 'winter mode' we were limited to shoot indoors. But it was fun. The usual routine. Listening to some music while shooting via Pandora Radio. But when the guitar came out, I had to close Pandora. I had an awesome live show in the studio. the only thing missing was the Big Dude in front of the door.
Here are some of the images. hope you like em. enjoy!


Making the Most of What You Have

If you have seen the film It might get loud, you would have seen the part where Jack White made an Electric Guitar out of a couple of blocks of wood, some wires and an empty soda bottle. And he goes " who says you need to buy a guitar?". His point is you don't really have to have all those expensive instruments to create music. Well in kinda into that camp. I believe that you don't really have to own a truck load of photographic equipment to create wonderful images. You just have to Make the Most of What You Have. Be Creative. Vision is much more important than Gear.
The two images up there were shot with the exact equipment. Okay ill break it down quick.
I used a 9foot savage paper roll for the backdrop. 2 nikon speedlites (which I got from craigslist for a couple of bucks) on each end to light up the backdrop. The main light is a nikon sb-28 (from craigslist too) with a 45 " shoot through on camera left. I got a white wall panel from home depot for $10. That is where the model is standing. I just had different light settings on both images. That made the difference. this was shot in My Studio. I know what you are saying right now. "well I can't afford to have my own studio" you know what? ME TOO. My studio is in my house. And then you go " I don't have a big house" Same here dude. I just made it fit in my living room in my small townhouse. I just had to interrupt my wife from doing the laundry to help me move our big@$$ hand-me-down couch to the side and stack up all the chairs on top of the coffee table. If your house has a floor and some walls and a roof, well thats a studio!
The deal is if you want to take pictures, Just go out there and shoot. Stop complaining about the things you don't have. Stop blaming your gear for the crappy pictures that you make. Always put in you mind that Gear Does Not Matter. Ansel Adams did not have a 5D markII to make those images.

happy shooting

Fresh Of The Camera

The Great thing about being Photographer now is we have all the tools to manipulate our images in post production. The Bad thing about being a Photographer now is we have all the tools to manipulate our images in post production. Technology is a good thing. We can't deny that. 20 years ago we didn't take pictures and send it across the globe in a matter of seconds by just pulling out a phone in our pockets......we didn't even have phones in our pockets that time!. It used to be $xxx,xxx.xx to buy yourself a high def video camera. but now its just around $1k to buy a STILL camera......that shoots HD video! well what d ya know!
I came across this guy who was into "photography". He had this twelve hundred dollar DSLR hanging around his neck with a fifteen hundred dollar lens attached to it. So we were having a conversation about "ph-ph-pho-photography", he told me that he doesn't really care about the settings on his camera when he shoots. " I just put it in AUTO and the software I bought has all the presets and does the job". I was like what a waste of effing money. You should have picked up a point and shoot at Kmart and uploaded the photos to your fancy software. Don't get me wrong. I'm not against these gadgets and toys coming out. I'm glad that we have all these tools to help us in producing wonderful images. Just don't forget the basics.
If you dial your exposure right. Your images will come out clean fresh of the camera.

happy shooting


More Portraits

more portraits.....


Just want to share some portraits. not much to say