Making the Most of What You Have

If you have seen the film It might get loud, you would have seen the part where Jack White made an Electric Guitar out of a couple of blocks of wood, some wires and an empty soda bottle. And he goes " who says you need to buy a guitar?". His point is you don't really have to have all those expensive instruments to create music. Well in kinda into that camp. I believe that you don't really have to own a truck load of photographic equipment to create wonderful images. You just have to Make the Most of What You Have. Be Creative. Vision is much more important than Gear.
The two images up there were shot with the exact equipment. Okay ill break it down quick.
I used a 9foot savage paper roll for the backdrop. 2 nikon speedlites (which I got from craigslist for a couple of bucks) on each end to light up the backdrop. The main light is a nikon sb-28 (from craigslist too) with a 45 " shoot through on camera left. I got a white wall panel from home depot for $10. That is where the model is standing. I just had different light settings on both images. That made the difference. this was shot in My Studio. I know what you are saying right now. "well I can't afford to have my own studio" you know what? ME TOO. My studio is in my house. And then you go " I don't have a big house" Same here dude. I just made it fit in my living room in my small townhouse. I just had to interrupt my wife from doing the laundry to help me move our big@$$ hand-me-down couch to the side and stack up all the chairs on top of the coffee table. If your house has a floor and some walls and a roof, well thats a studio!
The deal is if you want to take pictures, Just go out there and shoot. Stop complaining about the things you don't have. Stop blaming your gear for the crappy pictures that you make. Always put in you mind that Gear Does Not Matter. Ansel Adams did not have a 5D markII to make those images.

happy shooting

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